Renata Litvinova remembered maternal duties

Renata Litvinova remembered maternal dutiesFor many, Renata Litvinova - Bohemian filmmaker and glamorous diva, a close friend Zemfira and the face of the famous Russian brand of clothing. But for his daughter Ulyana she's just a caring mother, which she really misses her and that is because of the huge employment Actresses she sees infrequently.The other day the paparazzi had witnessed the touching scene: Renata adjusted his little daughter a hat and something affectionately she had been telling. Daughter smiled at his beloved mommy. According to the information, Juliana - lady busy: visit drama, swimming pool, gymnastics, and secondary education receives in the French high school. In the absence of the mother for the girl watches a nanny, Renata pays about $1000 a month. And the girl loves to read on the go stories about Harry Potter and dine in expensive restaurants.By the way, Genevieve intimately familiar not only with Zemfira, but with mother Angelica. Читать полностью -->

Courtney Love to sue the makers of Guitar Hero

Courtney Love to sue the makers of Guitar HeroSinger and actress Courtney Love in his microblog service Twitter has promised to sue the publisher Activision for use of an image of her late husband Kurt Cobain in the fifth part of a music simulator Guitar Hero.According to her, she did not give approval to a three-dimensional model of the leader of the group Nirvana appeared in the new game.According to rumors, the company Activision over three years of negotiations about the use of the image of Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5. In the end, Courtney Love gave his consent, and even collaborated with developers, writes Eurogamer. Later the parties had disagreements due to the fact that the creators of the game allowed the use of the model Cobain during the performance of songs of any group, not just Nirvana, as originally planned.Herself Courtney Love claims that she felt sick when she saw the three-dimensional model of her late husband in one of the newscasts. Representatives of the publisher Activision has not yet commented on the angry statements of the singer.The rumors that Kurt Cobain will become a character in Guitar Hero 5, appeared at the end of August. Later publisher Activision has officially confirmed this information. It was also reported that the game will be the leader of the band Muse Matthew Bellamy, Garbage vocalist Shirley Manson, guitarist Carlos Santana and the late country music artist johnny cash.Game Guitar Hero 5 is a music simulator that allows gamers to play music from famous rock bands with plastic guitars, drums and microphones. Читать полностью -->

Liza Minnelli prepare for surgery

Liza Minnelli prepare for surgerySinger and actress Liza Minnelli this week will have to endure major surgery, People magazine writes.The star of the film "Cabaret" to be operated on knee. The surgery is scheduled this week in one of new York clinics."Minelli, dancing on stage from the time, when I was a teenager, already 63 years. It is expected that she will fully recover (after surgery)", - said the press Secretary of the legendary actress.At the same time, the operation will interfere with Liza to appear at the ceremony of the award "Grammy", which is scheduled for January 31. A pity, because her album Liza''s at the Palace was nominated for "Best album in the style of traditional pop vocals".Recall that a year ago the doctors strongly advised Minelli to take care of themselves. Source: Liza Minnelli prepare for surgery. . Читать полностью -->

`Spider-man` will fight with the Lizard

`Spider-man` will fight with the LizardIn the fourth series of the film "spider-Man" the main enemy of Peter Parker will become the Lizard. Such data has resource Marketsaw specializing in information about projects in 3D format.If this information is true, then the role of the Lizard should play actor Dylan Baker, who plays Dr. curt Connors in the first films. Exactly Connors, according to the mythology of comics about spider-Man, turns into a Lizard.This character was created by Stan Lee in 1963. Curt Connors explored the unique ability of lizards to regenerate, hoping to create a serum that will help him recover the lost a hand in the war.Having experienced the experimental drug, the scientist was able to grow a new arm, but later mutated and turned into the Lizard.In the comics spider-Man fought many battles with the Lizard and many times helped him to regain human form. Source: "spider-Man" fight with the Lizard. Читать полностью -->

The loudest scandals of the outgoing year

The loudest scandals of the outgoing year Favourite by the end of the year was generous not only to negative economic events, but also on domestic scandals...Remember the loudest of them.Lately everyone is talking about the frivolity of legendary golfer tiger woods. Recently, the athlete was in a car accident, after which he revealed details of his numerous infidelities to his wife. It was rumored that he was in an accident was because of a quarrel with his wife.In General, first surfaced of his affair with one waitress, then talked already about eight women of the woods.And now, by the way, rumor has it that one of woods ' mistresses cheated on him. Yes no with someone, and with George Clooney. Real Santa Barbara.Divorce children and an exemplary family man Mel Gibson has shaken the confidence of Hollywood unshakable in family values. The news that the father leaves the family for another woman, seven children Gibson torpedoed and simply stopped talking to him.And while the court divided the state actor between him and his wife, Robyn, "the leading lady", Russian beauty-compositore Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to Mel's daughter, who was named Lucia.Ronnie wood is no longer young, but this does not prevent him to lead a very active life. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva and Tymoshenko fell out because of the song

Pugacheva and Tymoshenko fell out because of the songThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, has long been considered friends, had a falling out over the song "Rus".The cause of the quarrel longtime friends - Yulia Timoshenko to remove from Ukrainian TV song Alla Borisovna "Rus", considering that the composition may be offensive to residents of Ukraine.Tymoshenko decided that this will damage her political rating in the Western regions of the country where extremely wary of any attempts of rapprochement with Russia, writes the news Agency "Rosbalt".When Pugachev found out about this censorship, she was extremely shocked and stopped talking to Tymoshenko, because for all his creative career Divas no politician would not be permitted to remove her songs from the airwaves."The tape we got ready, said music editor of the Ukrainian TV channel, which was to be held showing the performances of Pugacheva. - In what order there were songs, unknown to us. We later noticed that the room was really cut out".By the way, after a 10-year hiatus, Alla Pugacheva has renewed its "Christmas meetings" and decided to hold them for the first time in Ukraine. The shooting took place in Kiev in late December 2009. Yulia Tymoshenko attended the concert and was twice up on stage.By the way, a rerun of the "Christmas meetings" Alla Borisovna on Ukrainian TV channel was cancelled for unknown reasons. Instead aired a television series. Читать полностью -->

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